Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 23:17:50 MDT 2006

Hello everyone,
I was recently presented with a challenge by a friend.
He is willing to switch to Linux if I can get his Franklin eBookman
PDA (ebm911) to function under linux.
Here's the neat thing though, evidently it DOES work under RH 7.1
according to the research I can find on the web.

I've managed to download the application that made it work called
ebmsync, evidently it was designed to function under a 2.4 kernel
however I have it running under a 2.6 Kernel.

I can plug in the device and I can see it in USB view, however the
ebmsync program evidently does a serial over USB connection and I
cannot figure out how to do that under Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can do here.

Thanx in advance!

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