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Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Fri Jun 2 16:55:34 MDT 2006

On Fri,  2 Jun 2006 at 15:01 -0600, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 14:20 -0600, Hans Fugal wrote:
> > Your options are either to disable ipv6 completely in
> > the kernel so that linux programs like firefox don't do ipv6 dns
> > requests (not loading the ipv6 module is _not_ sufficient)
> Just wondering why that would not be sufficient.  What would be the
> difference?

I don't know, but I have shown it empirically.

The fault isn't entirely with the router's bogus ipv6 dns
implementation. Some of the fault is shared by these programs that
erroneously try ipv6 dns requests even though you don't have any ipv6
interfaces or even the module loaded. Whatever logic they're using for
the test has nothing to do with your setup, but only with whether it was
compiled into the kernel (or as a module). I didn't dig deeper than

Not all applications have this trouble with the actiontec broken ipv6
dns. Among the broken ones were firefox (at the time at least) and I
think some newsreader I was trying to use at the time. There were
related tickets open on firefox, which is where most of the
enlightenment came from. That and ethereal...

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