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Tue Jan 31 18:00:26 MST 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 17:22 -0700, Greg Felix wrote:
> Why do businesses try to keep things secret to the point of lying about
> them?  Stock value? Competitive edge?

Not cannibalizing current revenue. Surprising competitors. Not looking
stupid when the project quietly fails.

There could be many reasons. Personally, though, the whole Google
desktop just doesn't make sense to me. What's the justification? The
only reasoning I've heard so far is that they have lots of money and MS
is afraid of them.

Those aren't reasons. It's not in Google's best interest to attack MS
directly yet.  If worse comes to worst, MS can co-exist with Google
right now. Want to see Microsoft really compete? Go after the gravy
train: Windows and Office. Those are lifeblood, MSN is only a source of
possible future revenue.

I personally think it is more reasonable to expect Google to follow the
same path as IBM. Let an army of small Linux vendors (RH, SUSE, Ubuntu,
etc.) overwhelm Microsoft in the less profitable infrastructure realms.
Decentralized Linux+F/OSS pressure helps to limit MS's competitive
powers. Meanwhile IBM and Google can market more profitable stuff built
on top of both Windows and Linux.

Sure, I'm thankful to IBM for the billion dollars it pledged (and
delivered with interest) to Linux. I appreciate everything accomplished
by Google's "Summer of Code". But I don't kid myself, they have strong
business reasons for using these to indirectly attack MS.

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