Strange Issue on FC4

Steve smorrey at
Mon Jan 30 18:18:54 MST 2006

Internet through the Evil Empire, using Linux???
Sounds like the beginnings of a long, strange and frustrating experience.
I think you get the Modem free from QWorst no matter who you choose as
your ISP, might want to go with a more Linux friendly ISP like
Xmission instead of M$N.

On 1/30/06, C. Ed Felt <edfelt at> wrote:
>    Jake Pollmann wrote:
> On 1/30/06, C. Ed Felt [1]<edfelt at> wrote:
>    To anyone willing or able to help:
>     1. Can't browse the web in Mozilla or Opera.  The first page or two
>        comes up fine, then getting time outs after a while or it just
>        keeps trying to load the page eternally.
>     2. GAIM cannot connect to MSN messenger or AIM but can connect to
>        Yahoo.
>     3. Konqueror internet browsing works fine (but I need Mozilla/Opera
>        for some work web sites :-( ).
>     4. Thunderbird can't connect to or download new email.
> I have felt the same pain and it was due to my Actiontec DSL modem's
> shifty DNS server.  Despite trying to override the settings in the
> modems interface, it always includes itself in the list of DNS servers
> assigned by DHCP.
> My cure was to assign the nameservers manually and not use DHCP on my
> non-Windows gear.
> Ignore me if the Actiontec hunch is not correct.
> Jake
>    Issues (really just one issue) resolved.
>    I forgot to mention I had all ready tried all the stuff mentioned by
>    everyone else (using ps to make sure firewall and selinux disabled,
>    trying ping, traceroute etc).  Some apps worked (IP dependent) and
>    some did not (DNS lookup for IP dependent).  Jake had the right idea.
>    I did not have this issue before switching to DSL and the MSN (really
>    Action Tech) "better" way of doing DNS for Windoze clients.
>    Statically configuring IP and DNS settings on the Laptop did the
>    trick.  My desktop (really web server) never had the issue because it
>    all ready was statically configured.  No more issues now.  I put away
>    the shot gun that was aimed at the FC4 CDs.  Too bad I can't take a
>    shot gun to my DSL router, but alas, free is always the right price
>    for me.
>    Another question, before I devise some strange way of copying network
>    settings with scripts for when I am on a home network verses on a
>    "real" network.  Is there an easy way to auto change network configs?
>    This would need to apply to hard wired as well as wireless.
>    NetworkManager seems to lack the ability to have several network
>    configs for all network types (including DNS, ip, mask, default
>    gateway, dynamic vs static etc).
>    Thanks for the fast and thorough answers,
>    Ed Felt
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