Preferred method of multiple-machine email checking

Tyler Strickland tyler at
Mon Jan 30 15:17:22 MST 2006

On Mon, January 30, 2006 3:11 pm, Ross Werner wrote:
> What is everyone's preferred method of multiple-machine email checking?
> (i.e. a single email account, and you want to access (send and receive)
> that email account from various different machines and locations.)
> 1) Some web-based tool like Squirrelmail
> 2) SSH into a server and use something terminal-based like mutt/pine
> 3) Use a rich client like Thunderbird that you install on every machine
> you want to check email from, and use IMAP to make everything the same
> 4) Other?

I use 1 and 3 - a thick client at home (Thunderbird) and Squirrelmail from
work.  At past jobs, where I was able to install a thick client (not
allowed here), I ran Thunderbird as well.  To keep things consistent
between environments, I use only server-side filtering (i.e. procmail,
maildrop, etc) and configure the various environments to use the same sent
folders, etc, by default.


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