Preferred method of multiple-machine email checking

Ross Werner ross at
Mon Jan 30 15:11:45 MST 2006

What is everyone's preferred method of multiple-machine email checking? 
(i.e. a single email account, and you want to access (send and receive) 
that email account from various different machines and locations.)

1) Some web-based tool like Squirrelmail
2) SSH into a server and use something terminal-based like mutt/pine
3) Use a rich client like Thunderbird that you install on every machine 
you want to check email from, and use IMAP to make everything the same
4) Other?

The third option seems like even using IMAP, everything won't necessarily 
be the same ... for example, do sent mails typically get put in an IMAP 
folder? Also, what about settings and preferences? Not to mention the 
annoyances that having to install the rich client brings about.

 	~ Ross

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