[OT] Gas companies report record profits (old energy thread)

Grant Shipley gshipley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 10:01:13 MST 2006

After much discussion back in August (on this list) over why gas was
so expensive......

I think we have the answer now.

Exxon Mobil sets profit record -
Nation's No. 1 oil company reports larger than expected jump in 4Q
income to cap record year


"Of course Exxon Mobil isn't the only oil company reporting sharply
better results. The 12 U.S. oil companies in the S&P 500 that have
reported fourth-quarter results have seen an average of a 48 percent
rise in earnings excluding items in the period, according to First

"Strong oil earnings in the third quarter prompted calls in some
quarters of Congress for a so-called "windfall profit" tax on oil
company earnings, as well as a joint hearing of the Senate Energy and
Commerce committees into earnings from big oil..."

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