perl [was: in defense of Java, again]

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Jan 27 21:19:04 MST 2006

Erin Sharmahd wrote:
>>LOL!  This has to be the best defense of Ruby I've heard so far!  Now
>>keep in mind that because Mats is Japanese we definitely CAN'T support
>>RUBY if we're MORMON.  As MORMONS we're told to support our nations
>>leaders and because this is PLUG and not that one "P" LUG out in
>>India, we have to support American made!  Long live Perl (and
>>Catalyst/Jifty/Maypole)!!! :-P
> Hmmm...  Guess we all have to switch to Windows, then...
> Well, BSD would work too...

I heard that Linus has a friend whose cousin is a Mormon.  So Linux is ok.


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