perl [was: in defense of Java, again]

Jesse Stay jessestay at
Fri Jan 27 17:51:03 MST 2006

LOL!  This has to be the best defense of Ruby I've heard so far!  Now
keep in mind that because Mats is Japanese we definitely CAN'T support
RUBY if we're MORMON.  As MORMONS we're told to support our nations
leaders and because this is PLUG and not that one "P" LUG out in
India, we have to support American made!  Long live Perl (and
Catalyst/Jifty/Maypole)!!! :-P


On 1/27/06, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> > A whole bunch of stuff preceeding this post....
> I'm surprised with all this talk of Perl, Python, and Java there hasn't
> been more talk of Ruby.
> We all know that Ruby's creator (Yukihiro Matsumoto) is a MORMON. And
> since we are in UTAH shouldn't we all be using this language created by a
> fellow religious believer?
> Sure Larry Wall is a Christian, but he's not a MORMON. So that makes Perl
> acceptable to you NON-MEMBERS out there until you are baptized and then
> you will have to switch to Ruby. And as far as Python goes - well - we all
> know who the SNAKE is right? Is anyone confused about that? Python is the
> DEVIL'S language!
> Java is like COFFEE. And we all know that COFFEE is of the DEVIL as well!
> So just by religious background alone we see that Ruby and Perl are the
> only Christian languages. And since you are in UTAH shouldn't you be using
> the TRUE language?
> Ruby is a CELESTIAL language. Which language do you think we will be using
> in the MILLENNIUM!? And since it is CELESTIAL that means it has to be
> PERFECT. So I wanna put this flame-fest to rest by showing that RUBY is
> the only TRUE language, and being so it is PERFECT!
> Ruby. Ruby. Ruby. Perl is okay, but only as long as he takes the
> discussions. Python can come hang out on Friday, but he has to leave at
> midnight. Java is to be shunned unless you enjoy the movie CHICAGO.
> Do you think it's okay if I program on SUNDAY if I'm using Ruby?
> Sorry - I couldn't resist. I figure this argument makes about as much
> sense as many of the others I have enjoyed reading. No offense to anyone.
> -Ryan
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