perl [was: in defense of Java, again]

Jayce^ jason at
Fri Jan 27 13:08:45 MST 2006

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> My apologies for not having a peer-reviewed study correlating experience
> with perl use.  Still, that is definitely the case: experienced Perl
> developers, who experiment with other languages, tend not to stay
> with Perl.  You can see this happening in both the Python and the
> Ruby communities...  but you almost never see someone moving the
> other way.
> This has been a very clear pattern if you follow the respective usenet 
> groups.  If it's insulting to say so, so be it.  Please continue
> shooting the messenger. :)
>> That's both clearly false (by evidence of many counterexamples)
> Sure, you can find exceptions for every rule...  Except in your world, 
> where acknowledging that is "weasely."  Good luck with that whole
> black and white thing.

And this is an excellent example of what I dislike about the python 
community at large.  There comes a point where, like the language 
itself, all the users begin channeling the ego of Guido.


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