perl [was: in defense of Java, again]

Levi Pearson levi at
Fri Jan 27 12:11:01 MST 2006

On Jan 27, 2006, at 11:59 AM, Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> This has been a very clear pattern if you follow the respective usenet
> groups.  If it's insulting to say so, so be it.  Please continue
> shooting the messenger. :)

You, Mr. Experience, should know better than to draw conclusions from  
'patterns' of usenet traffic.  Proportions of vocal people are not  
necessarily very related to proportions of the whole group.  That's  
just a silly argument.  But you didn't really intend an argument,  
just an insult, so there's no need to back up your assertions with  
real facts, right?

>> That's both clearly false (by evidence of many counterexamples)
> Sure, you can find exceptions for every rule...  Except in your world,
> where acknowledging that is "weasely."  Good luck with that whole
> black and white thing.

Certainly enough exceptions to a rule will eventually invalidate it  
as a rule.  Unless the rule is simply a personal belief, held based  
on opinion and vague notions of behavior of a fuzzy, non- 
representative group.  Good luck with that whole making informed  
decisions thing.


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