Programing [was: in defense of X]

Josh Coates jcoates at
Fri Jan 27 09:13:10 MST 2006

>It is not productive and 

reasonable discussion is always productive, and this particular discussion
hasn't been without merit.

> just fills my in-box with crap.


> Now can't we all just get along? 


/me hugs brian


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> Please stop the pissing contest!!!  It is not productive and 
> just fills my in-box with crap.
> Look programing computers is fun, no matter what language you 
> do it in.  
> And if you can get someone to pay you to do it, that's even better.
> Lets all try and put our competitive egos aside (I know this 
> may be difficult for people in our profession) and use a 
> positive ad campaign in our posts.  If a person has a problem 
> with X in language Y and you were able to do X in language Z, 
> by all means suggest it and even better post a web site that 
> has more information about doing X in language Z.  
> Trouncing on language Y only irritates people.
> Now can't we all just get along?  Come on lets have a great 
> big PLUG hug :)
> Brian

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