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bibhor dhungel bibhor at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 14:23:12 MST 2006

At our company we use a program called Add-On (accounting software)
<http://tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1181995&page=1#>which runs on a
Visual Pro 6.0.7 platform (That's my understanding so far). The problem is I
need to make some change in the layout when cheques are printed. When
Cheques are printed the text (amount and address of the receiver) appear
some lines below from where we would like it to be.
After searching in the files for "Dollars***AND**Cents" which is printed on
the cheques I found a file called ARMMF.txt.  It seems to be written in
BASIC. There are couple of more files ARM.MF and ARM.MFN which probably are
compiled version of ARMMF.txt file. In ARMMF.txt there was a line of code
2370 PRINT @(A1,A2),FNZ$(C1$(103))
which refers to printing data at a certain page location. After changing the
value for A1 and A2 it worked but only when printing a single cheque. When
printing <http://tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1181995&page=1#> multiple
cheques only the first cheque is printed in the right format. I cannot find
any documentation online because the software is outdated and we dont have
contract for customer support. I am guessing that by compiling the ARMMF.txtto
ARM.MF we might be able to solve this. But I am not sure what program to use
to create a .MF file. Another solution is to update the accounting software
which we will do in a couple of months. Any idea ?
I posted some of the lines from the ARMMF.txt. Let me know if you want the
full file?

0010 REM "ARM - Customer Maintenance (Ship-To Addresses)"
0020 REM "Program ARM.MF"
0022 REM "+-----------------------------------------------------------+"
0024 REM "| ADD+ON
Inc. Advantage/V Version 6.0.0 - 15May96 |"
0026 REM "|      Copyright (c) 1996 Open Systems Holdings Corp.       |"
0028 REM "|                  All Rights Reserved                      |"
0030 REM "+-----------------------------------------------------------+"
0040 REM

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