in defense of Java, again [was: Re: Task Scheduling]

Ryan Bowman ryanlbowman at
Thu Jan 26 10:30:44 MST 2006

On 1/25/06, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at> wrote:
> Oh, come on.  Let's be honest here.  Look at poor Ryan over there --
> he's barely sure what J2EE _is_, let alone whether his project needs it.
> With very few exceptions (*cough* twisted *cough*) you don't
> see this kind of bloated monstrosity in the Python world.

Thanks, that sure makes me feel pathetic.  As a side note, with what
little experience I have right now, I do prefer python to java, but my
supervisor doesnt.
Another side note, one of the main reasons we're using Java is because
we took over the project from an inept software group and the project
owner hoped that we could salvage some of their code.  We would have
been better off starting over.

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