in defense of Java, again [was: Re: Task Scheduling]

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at
Thu Jan 26 09:09:28 MST 2006

> Basically, different languages not only have different strengths for
> different situations, but their whole composition has strengths that
> make it better for different people.  You see people here have
> how easy and great python is for reading (something they seem to
> endlessly), and yet when I was choosing between Perl and Python to
> way back in the day, I absolutely found Perl more readable.  Why?
> because it fits me better.  Python for some, Perl for others, use the
> one that is easier for you.  For me, Python seemed to bring all the
> things I didn't like about Java to a scripting language, without the
> good features.

Amen.  I don't find Perl difficult to read at all, except for the cases
where it is purposely obfuscated.  I've maintained Perl code that was
written well, and Perl code that was written poorly, but I didn't find
it all that difficult to figure out what was going on, even in the
poorly-written code.  Mind you, the hard part was resisting the urge to
just scrap the bad code and start over, but that's more of a typical
arrogant programmer response to anyone else's code, methinks.  I don't
have anything against Python; I've been meaning to try it out for a
while, in fact.  The arrogance of a few of the outspoken Python bigots
on this list make me want to try it out less, if for no other reason
than to avoid having to work with people like that in the future.  I
think I'll try Ruby instead; the people advocating it seem to be much
more level-headed.


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