perl [was: in defense of Java, again]

Jesse Stay jessestay at
Thu Jan 26 09:08:27 MST 2006

On 1/26/06, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at> wrote:
> Some companies have to maintain perl codebases.  Poor bastards.
> If it was for new development, well, gee, surely it couldn't be a case
> of a hiring manager not knowing what he's doing!  That never happens!

I was trying to just skim through the subjects for interesting
subjects and trying to ignore this one.  For some reason every time I
see something with Jonathan's name in it and Java in the subject it
always seems to have some sort of Perl bashing in it so I had to read
this one.  I'm not quite sure what Perl has done to you, but clearly
it has left a bitter taste in your mouth.

First of all, from what I'm aware of, in the job listed that you are
talking about the hiring manager I know has way over 10 years of
experience in large and small companies hiring people and choosing
good languages for web development.  I think he know what he is doing
and what will make him the most money, my guess would be more than you

I worked at a Java-centric job at my last place of employment (yes,
programming Java), and I can assure you that my current job that is
Perl-centric gets things done at a much faster and better-quality pace
than we were able to at my last job.  I also feel the developers are
more educated, more experienced, and more prone to think of
open-source solutions when problems arise.

>From my experience of working with Java developers (I know there are
some very smart ones on this list, so please don't take this as a
personal stab at you), the majority that I am aware of are most aware
of Java, very closed-minded, more prone to choose closed-source
solutions, and generally can't stay as up with the latest trends and
standards, other than those relating to Java.  I very much enjoy my
current job over my last because of this openness and speed of
development we are able to work in.

Again (in your words) please don't take this as I just insulted your
daughter or anything.  There's still a lot of money to be made in
Java, and if I had to I'd probably do it again to support my family. 
These things are just my observation.



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