in defense of Java, again [was: Re: Task Scheduling]

Jayce^ jason at
Thu Jan 26 08:24:12 MST 2006

Mister E wrote:
> Jonathan Ellis wrote:
>> ... But it's worth noting
>> that Python doesn't have the maintainability problems that some
>> dynamic languages have (Perl would be the poster boy here), and
>> scales much better in that respect.
> Just curious what you meant by "maintainability problems" in Perl.  I 
> work quite a bit in Perl (one of several favorites). I also code and/or 
> have coded in a host of other languages.  I haven't had any probs with 
> this issue for what I use Perl for.  I am curious about your perspective 
> on the issue.

It's the classic flame against Perl.  It's flexible, so therefore, it
must be messy.  Basically Perl code is a reflection of the developer.
The team I work with just happens to write beautiful Perl code, that is
very much "Enterprise" level, and we do it in a fraction of the time as
other divisions of our company that use other languages. (Oh, and do
more with less hardware).

Basically, different languages not only have different strengths for
different situations, but their whole composition has strengths that
make it better for different people.  You see people here have mentioned
how easy and great python is for reading (something they seem to mention
endlessly), and yet when I was choosing between Perl and Python to learn
way back in the day, I absolutely found Perl more readable.  Why?
because it fits me better.  Python for some, Perl for others, use the
one that is easier for you.  For me, Python seemed to bring all the
things I didn't like about Java to a scripting language, without the
good features.


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