Internal vs external email

Stephen Smith scsmith1451 at
Wed Jan 25 18:02:26 MST 2006

I'm running a helpdesk application that uses email for notification.  
However, the company does not want all users to have email or internet 
access outside of the private net (too much time wasted on non-business 

I've been toying with the idea of a second firewall that isolates the 
external email server from the internal users, then using iptables to 
block access beyond the firewall for all unauthorized users.  But, I'm 
not sure how to set up an interal mail servers to handle replies to both 
internal emails and external emails for authorized users.  Don't know if 
it is even possible.

Is there a way of setting up an internal mail server to support 
inter-office messaging and our helpdesk app yet allow selected users to 
forward email to the company email server for delivery to/ receipt from 
the net?  External use should be transparent to those users that need it.

It would be relatively easy if there was a mail client that allowed the 
use of different outgoing mail servers on a per account basis rather 
than one for all.  Is there such a client available?

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