in defense of Java, again [was: Re: Task Scheduling]

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Wed Jan 25 17:06:50 MST 2006

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> ... But it's worth noting
> that Python doesn't have the maintainability problems that some
> dynamic languages have (Perl would be the poster boy here), and
> scales much better in that respect.

Just curious what you meant by "maintainability problems" in Perl.  I 
work quite a bit in Perl (one of several favorites). I also code and/or 
have coded in a host of other languages.  I haven't had any probs with 
this issue for what I use Perl for.  I am curious about your perspective 
on the issue.

I haven't tried Python yet, but I am curious enough to give it a whirl 
at some point.

Mister Ed

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