Apache - Windows vs Linux

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at netradius.com
Wed Jan 25 16:08:42 MST 2006

> I realize you're biased, as am I, but I'm look for more persuasive
> arguments, like people saying they've let jboss and apache run
> together unsupervised for months or years.  Or at least
> <i>explaining</i>that the problem was because of Windows, not Apache.

I've run JBoss / Tomcat / Jetty / Apache combinations on Linux with
PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle backends with great uptime.  As long as the
code you deploy is reasonably well written the application servers are
quite reliable. I do deployments fairly often, but I have had JBoss /
Apache w/mod_jk up and running unsupervised for over a month before. If
your site is hit hard be sure to setup log rotations before you decide to
"unsupervise" it.

Erik R. Jensen

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