Web Hosting behind and Actiontec

Brian Hawkins brianhks at activeclickweb.com
Wed Jan 25 11:17:34 MST 2006

The problem with the DMZ is that now all of your incoming traffic is 
forwarded to the web server.  Then you have to make sure your web server 
is locked down tight.

The nice thing about just forwarding a port is that later you can 
forward a different port to possibly a different machine hosting a 
different service such as FTP or SSH.

If your actiontec is anything like mine you may find that it severely 
lacks features.  Unfortunately I'm stuck with it so to get around its 
lack of features I bought a DLink router and setup the DMZ on the 
actiontec to point to the dlink.  Then all of my computers are behind 
the dlink.  This allows me to open an incoming VPN which was something 
the actiontec could not do.

for what its worth


Jordan Curzon wrote:

>I use the DMZ feature and it has worked great. (When the DSL line is up :(
>On 1/25/06, Benjamin Schmuhl <schmuhl at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Has anyone had experience setting up web hosting behind an Actiontec router?
>>There is a DMZ feature and there is port forwarding - are there some ideas
>>on how to best do it?
>>P.S.  I do have a static IP and the EULA allows me to host.
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