Apache - Windows vs Linux

Nicholas Leippe nick at byu.edu
Wed Jan 25 11:10:50 MST 2006

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 09:58, Ryan Bowman wrote:

Well, generally you get min(os_uptime, apache_on_os_uptime)

> How long can I expect Apache to run on Linux without being restarted?

Pretty much indefinitely, barring disasters such as hardware failures.  Apache 
on our main server was last restarted Oct. 7 of last year.  It hosts a large 
LAMP application, and doesn't use over 128MB (the db is on a separate box).  
We have another machine, that serves an older product that 'just runs', where 
apache hasn't been restarted since June of last year--that box has over 400 
days of uptime.  It hosts a java/mysql application with resin and mysql on 
the same machine.  It stays just under 500MB total.

For linux, I'd say os_uptime can easily approach infinity for all practical 
purposes.  And, from experience, I'd say apache_on_linux can also approach 

> How about on windows?

For windows, os_uptime is not predictable.  Recent versions have massively 
improved on this, but there are still corner cases where stability gets a 
huge shot in the arm.  Worse, IMO, these seem to be getting harder to 
predict.  As for apache_on_windows, the apache core itself is very stable. 
Several developers here run apache on windows and we don't have any 
complaints.  There may be some extensions that have issues that reduce the 
stability.  Perhaps the jboss connector is one of these.

> How much memory should apache be using if it's only serving images and 
passing everything else off to jboss?

I admin that I am not very familiar with jboss, but I should think hardly any.  
If it's caching the static data then it will use enough for the cached 
content, but I wouldn't think a connection to jboss should consume an 
inordinate amount of resources.  If connections are lingering, then yes, some 
resources may be leaking and require a restart.  A 'graceful' restart should 
clean that up for you though.


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