Apache - Windows vs Linux

Ryan Bowman ryanlbowman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 09:58:14 MST 2006

We run Apahce at work - currently on Windows, but we're wondering if
we should switch to Linux.

We're running apache 2.0.54 on Windows Server 2003 sp1, 3Ghz Xeon with 2 GB
ram, it was last restarted on Dec 15.  We use it to serve images, and pass
request for jsps on to jboss (on another machine running Suse 9.3).

On the 19th our secure pages stopped working - Firefox and
Explorer would error out saying the connection was interrupted while loading
the page, but occasionally everything would work fine.  We'd made some changes
to our code recently so we were looking at that first, and researching other
network issues, as there were some network changes that day also,  The
next morning we finally looked at apache and found that it was using
1GB+ of RAM,
which seemed somewhat higher than normal, and going through the log files it
looked like apache would receive a request for a page but not hand it off to
JBoss.  We restarted apache and everything went back to normal.  That inspires
some questions, is Apache as stable on Windows as Linux?  I'm going to install
SuSE 10 on a server today so we can move towards switching, but is it really
necessary?  How long can I expect Apache to run on Linux without being
restarted?  How about on windows?  How much memory should apache be using if
it's only serving images and passing everything else off to jboss? We are under
the impression that when Jboss is restarted Apache will clean up the old
connections to JBoss, so when we were restarting Jboss every day to incorporate
new code changes we weren't always restarting Apache - now we don't
have to restart jboss as often - should we always restart Apache when
restarting jboss?

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