Peer-to-peer streaming

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Tue Jan 24 13:34:42 MST 2006

Hello everyone,

I saw this topic in the archives from a google search.  I don't think I can 
reply to it though, so this will probably make a new one.

I am the author of stream-2-stream (

Refer to the previous topic.
After having spent some time reading research papers in a
graduate-level networking protocols class, I am absolutely convinced
that multicast routing is the best answer to the problem that P2P
streaming is attempting to solve. We would do better to focus on
overlay networks that implement such features than on these myriad
random one-off projects that really constitute a technologically
inferior solution (a "hack" or a "kludge").
I agree.

I have been working on adding a mode to my program called multicast+.  
Multicast will be used to deliver the stream and P2P will deliver the stream 
to people behind non-multicast routers.  Unicast will count the listeners.

In streaming, P2P saves bandwidth on the server side, but is less efficient 
than direct unicast.  If someone disconnects, everyone below goes out.  
Multicast+ will be more efficient than direct unicast and will save 

Multicast is also more efficient in trading files to large audiences.  
Combine mcast with bit torrent and you would have the ultimate form of file 


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