BYU UUG MythTV Pre-Announcement

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Jan 23 10:29:15 MST 2006

> Does anyone know of some solution out there for this?  (I understand the
> 'political' aspects to the problem with the MPAA and HDCP--I'm just hoping
> there's at least one 'renegade' manufacturer out there that is bold enough
> to sell a product that solves this.)

Funny. Just after I sent this, I happened to find one solution.  A bit pricey, 
but does exactly what I've been looking for. has two main products:

1 - they upgrade receivers to include a firewire output port that is active 
for HD content channels (and sell DIY kits)
2 - they have software (and prebuilt units) that will process HDCP streams and 
make them accessible

This sounds like it could be a fun path to play with.  They post the hardware 
requirements to build your own version of their  "AVX1" processor (that 
removes the HDCP).  It lists at minimum a 366MHz cpu and 32MB RAM, with 2 
firewire ports.  Since their software is standalone (it's own OS), I wonder 
if it could be made to run under vmware, reducing the requirement back to a 
single machine....


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