BYU UUG MythTV Pre-Announcement

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Jan 23 09:47:29 MST 2006

Nice timing for such a thread.  I just spent several hours this weekend 
researching HDTV support for MythTV.  I set up a MythTV box about a year 
ago--quite simple to do with gentoo, and it works great for analog OTA and 
cable TV.

Since, however, I've moved and now have DirecTV satellite (there is no cable 
in my area).  I have a widescreen HDTV, but no HDTV tuners at all yet.  I 
read through the recently published HTPC howto, which had some good info, and 
googled around, and afaict there is no video capture card out there that 
accepts HDMI or DVI input, and no satellite receivers with firewire outputs.  
So, there is no way (besides an analog conversion route) to get pure, digital 
HD content into a mythtv box from a satellite source.

I suppose you could hack the DirecTV HD DVR box itself (some source code is 
available)--but then if you were willing to ante up for it to begin with, why 
would you want to?

Does anyone know of some solution out there for this?  (I understand the 
'political' aspects to the problem with the MPAA and HDCP--I'm just hoping 
there's at least one 'renegade' manufacturer out there that is bold enough to 
sell a product that solves this.)


Nicholas Leippe

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