VNC to box without static IP

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Sat Jan 21 22:20:45 MST 2006

> The only way for me to VNC to a box without a static IP is to set up
> a tunnel right? Another other ways to make the connection?

Ether way, you would be wise to tunnel any VNC traffic.  I'm pretty sure
it doesn't have any built in encryption.

As for the bit about static vs non-static, it really doesn't matter.  What
you want is routable.  Static and routable are not mutually exclusive. 
Many (most?) times your ISP will give you a routable and dynamic IP.  It
may change but as long as you know what it is(at the time), you're good to
connect.  The problem (more times then not) is that the IP address that
the world sees is often a wireless router or some other SOHO networking
device that plugs into your ISP's connection.  The computer you want to
get to is often behind that device with a non-routable and dynamic IP
address. Kind like this:

[Internet IP]<------->[IP (routable) ROUTER (non-routable) IP]<------->[IP
Inside Computer]

I'm sure none of this is new, I'm just covering all the bases.  Now to the
fun stuff...

If that is the case, your options are to:
1) Forward the needed ports to the computer on the inside using the
networking device.
2) Use a "DMZ computer" option if the networking device has it.
3) Plug the computer directly into the ISP's link.
4) Create a tunnel from the computer inside, out to the computer you are
on.  Connect to it via a localhost port on the far computer.
5) Join the inside computer to a VPN of some sort and then use the
non-routable addresses.
6) If you can ssh into the router, then use the "via=domain.tld" option
running vncviewer from the command line (this is nice).
7) Set up 2-way video conferencing and tell the user on the far side what
to click on.

Good luck,

P.S. Did I miss anythig?

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