Comcast Costs?

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Sat Jan 21 21:04:40 MST 2006

On 1/21/06, Kirk Lapray <kirk.lapray at> wrote:
> You really should look at  You get a free install kit (no
> rebate required) and mail-in rebate for the cost of the modem, plus you get
> a mail-in rebate for $100, not a gift card.  You also get the rate of $19.99
> ($29.99 without cable service).

I looked at comcastoffers after reading your previous post.  Maybe I
read too quickly, your overview sounds better than the Best Buy offer
to me now.

> Also, when I called Comcast to get it set up they were no longer penalizing
> your speed for not having cable service.  The options were $52.95 for
> 6Mbs/384Kbs or $62.95 for 8Kbs/768Kbs.  When I had looked into it a month
> earlier they knocked of 2Mbs for not having cable service.  But, this was
> going straight through Comcast and not one of the retail channels.  I have
> seen Comcast offers for DSL users who switch a full year at $19.95.

The sales rep at 1-800-Comcast told me about the 2Mbps "penalty". lists it as well.  It would be nice if this is an


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