MythTV not picking up sound on channel 15 (WB)

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Sat Jan 21 19:09:48 MST 2006

On 1/21/06, Mitch Anderson <mitch at> wrote:
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> I have the minimum cable TV from comcast, hooked up to my mythtv box
> (Gentoo and PVR-150).  Everything works great except I don't get any
> sound on channel 15.  Sound comes through fine on every other channel
> just not on the WB... Normally this wouldn't be a problem except I would
> like to record SNL instead of having to stay up and watch it some times.
>   I've looked through the backend log, and the front end, and don't
> really see anything that would point me to what might be causing the
> problem.
> Ideas?
> Mitch
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What firmware are you running for the iptv?
I had no sound on a bunch of channels until trying a new firmware version.

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