Comcast Costs?

Walter Holladay walter at
Sat Jan 21 15:41:08 MST 2006

Basic cable:   $12.62
Internet:         $32.95
Taxes:            $1.65
Total:            $47.22

I got the $32.95 deal for a year after I complained that their prices 
were much higher than DSL. After I mentioned that, they "remembered" 
that my area just started a new promotion. It never hurts to ask! The 
sales person said I would be getting 8Mb down and 1Mb up. In practice I 
get around 7Mb down and 600-700 Kb up.

Hope this helps!

Lars Rasmussen wrote:
> Would anyone be willing to post a recent Comcast bill?
> I'm considering dumping my standalone Qwest copper DSL(Veracity as
> ISP) in favor of Comcast internet service.  I'm not planning on
> signing up for their television subscriptions, even though I
> understand that would discount their internet billing.
> --
> Lars
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