Comcast Costs?

Jesse Stay jessestay at
Sat Jan 21 11:39:09 MST 2006

On 1/21/06, Lars Rasmussen <lars.rasmussen at> wrote:
> Would anyone be willing to post a recent Comcast bill?
> I'm considering dumping my standalone Qwest copper DSL(Veracity as
> ISP) in favor of Comcast internet service.  I'm not planning on
> signing up for their television subscriptions, even though I
> understand that would discount their internet billing.

I just ordered Comcast for my internet and TV (after a ton of
research).  While it requires TV service, you can get high speed
internet service (I'm told up to 7Mb/sec downstream) from Comcast
through Best Buy for $19.99/mo for 6 mos.  Besides that, you get a
free cable modem after rebates, free self-install kit after rebates,
and a $50 gift card after sending in rebate forms.  I've found that if
you don't mind switching internet every 6 mos or so, you can usually
find similar deals through best buy on both cable and dsl service. 
You have to stay on top of it, but it has saved me a ton of money. 
Not just that, but you can then resell your cable or dsl modem after
you're done on Ebay for usually at least $20.  $19.99 a month is
pretty hard to beat though.  Also, if you're a cheapskate like me you
can also get basic basic cable tv for only about $12.95 a month above
what you're paying for internet.

FTR, if you decide to go with a different internet service, I did
discover a unique TV service called USDTV, which is basically digital
and HDTV that you can receive over your normal rabbit-ears, but gives
you discovery, tlc, and other channels you get on regular cable.  They
charge $19.99 a month for the service, but if you use Tivo or ReplayTV
this service is not for you as Tivo and ReplayTV do not support their
receivers yet.  I am told they are pushing for it though.



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