Comcast Costs?

Barry Roberts blr at
Sat Jan 21 11:13:45 MST 2006

On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 11:04:33AM -0700, Gill Bates wrote:
> My comcast bill is almost a flat rate 50 dollars a month, i'm getting 
> peak d/l's of 600K with it. I also have TV, but I didn't originally, but 
> as of now, my Internet sits at exactly 45.95 a month, I beleive it was 
> 50.95 without the TV. my current taxes, are 8.02, but that may also 
> include stuff with the TV portion of it too. Oh and Comcast is stable as 
> heck, in the year and a half i've had them, i've lost connection 3 
> times. And only once for more than a couple of minutes, and always was 
> really late at night, like 3am when I should have been in bed anyways, lol.

Mine is $62.15.  That is Internet, analog cable, and one more routable
(dynamic) IP address.  I'm supposedly only paying $5/month for the
extra IP, I wonder why mine isn't $55.  Maybe I'll call them.

I'm pretty happy with Comcast, also.  I used to think that they really
killed you on download when you used your upstream.  Now I think my
router can't handle as many connections as BitTorrent can throw at it.

I run Nagios on my server, and Comcast has short outages (or my
switch/router/server do) once every few months on the weekend.


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