Comcast Costs?

Gill Bates unixgeek at
Sat Jan 21 11:04:33 MST 2006

Lars Rasmussen wrote:

>Would anyone be willing to post a recent Comcast bill?
>I'm considering dumping my standalone Qwest copper DSL(Veracity as
>ISP) in favor of Comcast internet service.  I'm not planning on
>signing up for their television subscriptions, even though I
>understand that would discount their internet billing.
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My comcast bill is almost a flat rate 50 dollars a month, i'm getting 
peak d/l's of 600K with it. I also have TV, but I didn't originally, but 
as of now, my Internet sits at exactly 45.95 a month, I beleive it was 
50.95 without the TV. my current taxes, are 8.02, but that may also 
include stuff with the TV portion of it too. Oh and Comcast is stable as 
heck, in the year and a half i've had them, i've lost connection 3 
times. And only once for more than a couple of minutes, and always was 
really late at night, like 3am when I should have been in bed anyways, lol.

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