BYU UUG MythTV Pre-Announcement

Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Fri Jan 20 20:03:05 MST 2006

I would like to preannounce an two-part event sponsored by the BYU Unix
Users Group.  The locations and exact times are TBA.

- Thurs, Feb 16: "MythTV: The Mythical Home Media Convergence Box"
- Sat, Mar 4: "MythTV Troubleshooting Workshop"

On Thursday (Feb 16), we'll show off some of the features of MythTV and
let it show you why you want it.  We'll discuss its capabilities and
limitations and explain how it works and how it's designed.  We'll also
cover recommended and optional hardware requirements.  It will be a
great meeting for non-technical but easily-impressed friends.

After the meeting, if you want to install MythTV, you'll know what you
need to buy, and you'll know where to get started on installation.
You'll have two weeks to try things out on your own.  If you get stuck,
have questions, or just want to learn more, come on Saturday (Mar 4),
and we'll do the best we can to help you.  The main requirement is that
you've already put in an honest effort to get started.

REQUEST FOR HELP: Please send me any suggestions about the meetings, and
please let me know if you're a MythTV user and would be able to help,
especially on March 4.  Even if you don't feel "experienced," you can
answer questions.  Also, any help with publicizing the event, including
by word-of-mouth, would be greatly appreciated.

The exact locations and times will be announced within the coming week.

P.S. Thanks to Brandon Beattie for getting me started with MythTV with
his PLUG presentation.

Andrew McNabb
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