Jabber and Google News

Jordan Gunderson jordy at gundy.org
Wed Jan 18 14:33:35 MST 2006

Corey Edwards wrote:
> The real solution here would be for AOL to build an AIM-Jabber bridge,
> so you would just send a message to mybuddy at aol.com and the bridge
> translates that to AIM. Having AOL host the bridge would solve so many
> problems, foremost being that not every single Jabber server has to run
> the AIM transport.

I may be wrong here, but wouldn't the real solution involve AOL, MS, and 
Yahoo all using an open protocol (in this case Jabber)?  An open 
protocol would let users of said IM systems communicate with each other 
(and users of other jabber systems) without having to have an account in 


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