PosgreSQL vs. MySQL for OLAP

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Wed Jan 18 11:44:18 MST 2006

I'm looking at setting up a an internal-use-only OLAP/data mining type
database.  I would very much like to use a Free database.  Not
surprisingly, the contenders are PostgreSQL and MySQL.

If it were set up today, I would have about 800GB of data, and that
would grow over time.  Guesstimates are currently 4 TB over the next 2
years.  It doesn't need to be clustered at this point, or SUPER
reliable.  The cost of a few hours downtime for a hardware repair is
unlikely to outweigh the cost in time, hardware, and complexity of
clustering.  As long as we don't lose data.

Speed is important, but not exceedingly.  The only MySQL that meets
our requirements is 5.x w/InnoDB.  We need transactions and triggers
for some automated in-house processes already using Oracle.

And finally, I'm hoping this project will give us information and
confidence about whichever we choose as a potential replacement for
mission-critical Oracle RAC.

So, my questions are, does anybody know of any benchmarks, or have
experience with either pg or my that would influence my decision?

I'm leaning towards PostgreSQL ATM.  Probably running on dual Opteron
with a bunch of SATA drives.  But that's just a SWAG for now.

Barry Roberts

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