Jabber and Google News

Ross Werner ross at agilestudios.com
Wed Jan 18 09:42:44 MST 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Chris Carey wrote:
>> Long live the XMPP protocol!
> WOW, Ive been waiting for this for a looong time.

I'm confused ... what's the big deal? Google has already been using the 
XMPP protocol for a while now, right? And the big players like AIM and MSN 
and Yahoo *aren't* using the XMPP protocol, correct?

So basically all this is is an official letter from Google saying, "Hey 
AIM and MSN and Yahoo, we're inviting you to come use the XMPP protocol 
with us! Won't it be fun?"

Or am I missing something significant?

 	~ Ross

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