Vonage and taxes.

David B bavibs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 00:09:21 MST 2006

> Wouldn't the Qos capability have to lie with the Vonage router?
Yep, the Vonage-Linksys router supports Qos, but you might have to login 
to the router and config the router for your  upstream and down stream 

 You can find out what speed you are getting by going to 
http://lax.speakeasy.net or some other speed test site. Make sure you 
figure out your upstream.

Off the top of my head, I think you use http://<vonage router gateway 
IP>  username = <blank>  password = admin. 

I dont know how detailed the Vonage Qos is, but Linux/BSD would allow 
you to prioritze many ques and types of traffic.

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