Vonage and taxes.

Brad Dorner bdorner at novell.com
Tue Jan 17 12:25:54 MST 2006

I've been using Vonage for about a year and have noticed a few things.

The amounts that lars mentioned are the same that I have been paying. 
There customer service has been relatively good.
The quality of service is good. I have noticed a few echos now and then
but outside of that no one has had any complaints. 

With that said I do have one thing that I think needs to be said about
the quality of service. This is nothing against Vonage, but is something
that you need to take into account if you are planning to use any VOIP

I had problems with keeping and sometimes getting a dial tone when I
first got Vonage installed. After a month of thinking it was the phone
service I found the problem. My kids and wifes computer computer. Their
computers ran windows XP with virus and spyware protection programs.
Even with those programs filtering viruses and spyware, I was still
getting spyware on my computer. So I fixed the problem. I installed
Linux on all of the computers in my home. I now no longer have any
problems. Now, not only does my phone service work better but no one has
had problems with their computers. Out side of the odd game here and
there that I have not yet got running.

>From my Experience, VOIP + Windows = bad, VOIP + Linux = great!

I'm sure if I wanted to put enough money and usage restrictions into the
Windows solution that I could have gotten it to work, but why.


On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 00:22 -0700, Lars Rasmussen wrote:
> Here's my most recent Bill from Vonage.
> Charges not covered in your monthly plan fee are listed above.
> Vonage Charges Detail:  	
> Premium Unlimited Plan   $24.99
> FET Tax                  $0.75
> Regulatory Recovery Fee  $1.50
> Total Amount             $27.24
> --
> Lars
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