Testing Linux skills

Topher Fischer javert42 at cs.byu.edu
Tue Jan 17 11:34:02 MST 2006

Justin Findlay wrote:

>On 1/17/06, Michael Halcrow <mike at halcrow.us> wrote:
>>Hmmmm.... so what the heck is this suid /usr/bin/r00tk17 file??
>Didn't you read that helpful warning about modifying or even looking
>at the files in this folder?  Now you've uncovered something you
>weren't supposed to know about.  Please stand by.  Senator Hatch,
>Sony, and the BSA will be by your place shortly to confiscate your
>computer and present you with some propaganda on the virtues of always
>doing what you're told and not questioning the monopoly.
Since when has the BSA played nasty?  If you're putting him together
with Sen. Hatch, I'm guessing you have your reasons.  Please fill me in,
I must have missed those Slashdot posts.

Topher Fischer
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