Ndiswrapper distro?

Michael Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Mon Jan 16 20:00:56 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 18:44 -0800, Michael Huston wrote:

> The question is if there is a distro that loads NDISwrapper with the
> default installation, and how hard would it be to get NDISwrapper to
> work with Fedora? Would I just download the package and compile it? Are
> there any dependancies? I currently have a copy of the tarball on my
> USB drive which Fedora does recognize.

Well, since ndiswrapper requires a non-standard 8k-stack kernel, I doubt
you'll find any distro that enables it by default.  I know mandriva does
have ndiswrapper (and alternate kernels) in their package system,
available for trivial install(configuration is another issue!)

That is odd your usb drive does not get recognized.  I have yet to find
a USB mass storage device that FC cannot work with.

> How do I get DVDs to play in Fedora. I know that they worked fine with
> Debian, back in the day. 

With Fedora, you'll need to add in some 3rd-party yum repositories.  See
this page: http://madpenguin.org/cms/index.php/?m=show&id=5971&page=3

Planet CCRMA

I usually add freshrpms and dag, then do "yum install xine"

I wish that fedora would have an extremely easy way to add these
repositories right after install, but alas.


> Sorry about rambling,
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