Ndiswrapper distro?

Michael Huston mike at jhuston.com
Mon Jan 16 19:44:25 MST 2006

Is there a distro that has NDISwrapper as part of the default install?
I have a netgear wg311v2 and have managed to get it working with Ubuntu
live CD version 5.04, but not 5.10. I haven't gotten it to work with
the Ubuntu install CD. I had just installed Fedora core 3, as I would
guess that NDISwrapper would be included on their distro, but it is
not, and I have to download everything in windows before I can install
it, as I have no network.

The question is if there is a distro that loads NDISwrapper with the
default installation, and how hard would it be to get NDISwrapper to
work with Fedora? Would I just download the package and compile it? Are
there any dependancies? I currently have a copy of the tarball on my
USB drive which Fedora does recognize.

How do I get DVDs to play in Fedora. I know that they worked fine with
Debian, back in the day. 

Sorry about rambling,

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