Vonage, Broadvoice, Packet8, Utopia + MStar

Roberto Mello rmello at fslc.usu.edu
Mon Jan 16 10:52:03 MST 2006

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 05:04:35PM +0000, Steve Meyers wrote:
> What are the pros/cons of each?

I've been with Vonage in May 2004, first with Qwest for Internet, now
Comcast. I'm very happy with Vonage. Voice quality is great, and I haven't
noticed service interruptions.

I have my cable modem, router and vonage adapter on an inexpensive UPS. 
A couple weeks ago we had several power outages in Provo in a single
night, and with my UPS, I still had phone service working.

The web interface for Vonage is very good, and their customer service
(when I needed it, like a year ago) was very responsive.

The one thing I wish Vonage did that it doesn't, is let me use Asterisk
instead of their little adapter. Broadvoice allows you to use Asterisk,
but I've heard from way too many people of problems with Broadvoice, even
those using vanilla adapters, like the Sipura's.

For my usage, I'm on the $15/mo plan, which gives me 500 outgoing minutes
a month, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Vonage-to-Vonage calls are free, 
and 1-800 calls don't count. Additional minutes are like 3 cents. It's 
cheaper for me to go that way (usually) than go the full $25/mo unlimited 

I use FreeWorldDialup with hardware phones for my family who lives in 
Brazil. Works fantastically. 


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