Vonage and taxes.

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Sun Jan 15 01:04:10 MST 2006

Walter Holladay wrote:
> So I was wondering, can any of these fees be avoided by going with Vonage?
> Thanks,
> Walter

Brodvoice bill for last month:

Unlimited In-State      $9.95
Regulatory Recover Fee  $1.50
In State Calls          $0.00 (636 mins.)
State to State Calls    $1.21 ( 31 mins.)
International Calls     $0.00
Directory Service Calls $0.00
Inbound TollFree Calls  $0.00
Federal Excise Tax (3%) $0.37

Total                   $12.77

I use Asterisk so that has some perks.  Quality is kinda flaky at times.


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