February's PLUG Metting / shoot out...

Justin Findlay jfindlay at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 02:15:00 MST 2006

On 1/12/06, justin gedge <jgedge at amis.com> wrote:
> Unless Jayce^ finds a better presenter / topic-- it looks like Stewart &
> I are going to have a shoot out over LaTeX & ConTeXt in February.

I concur.

> **What LaTeX sucks at -- basically the things you probably won't want to
> do with LaTeX.
> **Stuff that ConTeXt is great at -- where it takes over when LaTeX sucks.
> **overview of building document templates/styles in ConTeXt [someting
> mere mortals can't do in LaTeX]
> **how to make your LaTeX docs NOT look like canned/standard LaTeX docs.

What about LyX?

> **Why font's are such a Bitch to work with in any kind of TeX!!!!!  I
> know Stew has wrestled this some [and I hope to put a little more time
> into this area before the february meeting].

And don't forget:

 **Where is the TeX/LaTeX/AMSTeX online documentation!!1!??  Seriously
I think this is why anything deeper than a plain old document with the
de facto markup scheme acquires the apprehension of voodoo among
otherwise sanguine code slingers unafraid of spewing digital dialects
of all cosmopolitan and occult hues, flavors, and varieties when
occasion requires, but I could be wrong.

> If this sounds like a decent presentation -- or if there's something in
> particular you would like to have included in the presentation-- sound
> off!!!

I want to hear that one anecdote about when Stuart did that one thing.
 Yeah, that would be good.


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