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Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Thu Jan 12 14:06:33 MST 2006

Dennis wrote:

> I installed Thunderbird 1.5 and
> noticed that one of the new features is a spell check while you type.
> Pretty nice.

Yeah, KDE has as-you-type spellchecking across the board.  When I'm 
using KMail (as now) I see mispelled words in red.  When I'm using 
Konqueror and typing in a textarea it works too.  Pretty much any 
application where you enter free-form text that would use natural 
language (e.g., not a "first name" field or whatever) has built-in 
spellchecking.  I assume it's a KPart that's available to developers.

In short, I don't care how the black magic works-- it's just really nice 
to have consistent spellchecking (and personal dictionary) across all 
of my applications.


P.S. I know I misspelled "mispelled" above.  It was a joke. :)
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