[OT] Typos

Josh Coates jcoates at archive.org
Thu Jan 12 13:59:56 MST 2006

> I get an "off by one" key on my right hand under my ring and 
> pinkie fingers. 

you use your pinkie finger?

doesn't everyone just use their first two fingers and thumb for
everything...? ;-)

oh, i guess people use their left pinkies for the tab key since it's just
sitting there anyway..


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> Matthew Walker wrote:
>   > Typos get even more interesting when you know how to 
> touchtype on two
> > different keyboard layouts. I know Qwerty and Dvorak, and use them 
> > interchangably unless I try and switch layouts at the same 
> computer. 
> > My brain has strongly associated each layout with the system I 
> > typically use it at, and it's hard to switch. But I still typo 
> > sometimes by typing as if I was on the other layout.
> This is less dramatic, but when I use a "standard" keyboard 
> my typing slows to a crawl.  I'm so accustomed to the 
> "natural" keyboards that I have a hard time knowing where my 
> fingers are on a standard.  I think it has to do with not 
> using the little warts on the "f" and "j" keys for finger 
> placement.  With the natural my fingers just kinda know where to go.
> I get an "off by one" key on my right hand under my ring and 
> pinkie fingers.  So when wanting to type "ll" do show a long 
> listing of the directory, I will hit a ";;".  It's kinda 
> embarrassing when you're working at someone's keyboard.  Then 
> what will happen is I'll end up lifting my right hand to be 
> sure of finger placement (thus the slow to a crawl).
> Anyway, my old keyboard is getting ready to be replaced and 
> I'm thinking about getting rid of "natural" keyboards all 
> together.  Is it just me or are they selling less of them 
> anyway?  And does anyone else suffer from FKBS (Foreign 
> Keyboard Syndrome)?
> ;ater,
> Gabe
> :)
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