[OT] Typos

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Thu Jan 12 13:50:56 MST 2006

Matthew Walker wrote:
  > Typos get even more interesting when you know how to touchtype on two
> different keyboard layouts. I know Qwerty and Dvorak, and use them 
> interchangably unless I try and switch layouts at the same computer. My brain 
> has strongly associated each layout with the system I typically use it at, 
> and it's hard to switch. But I still typo sometimes by typing as if I was on 
> the other layout.

This is less dramatic, but when I use a "standard" keyboard my typing 
slows to a crawl.  I'm so accustomed to the "natural" keyboards that I 
have a hard time knowing where my fingers are on a standard.  I think it 
has to do with not using the little warts on the "f" and "j" keys for 
finger placement.  With the natural my fingers just kinda know where to go.

I get an "off by one" key on my right hand under my ring and pinkie 
fingers.  So when wanting to type "ll" do show a long listing of the 
directory, I will hit a ";;".  It's kinda embarrassing when you're 
working at someone's keyboard.  Then what will happen is I'll end up 
lifting my right hand to be sure of finger placement (thus the slow to a 

Anyway, my old keyboard is getting ready to be replaced and I'm thinking 
about getting rid of "natural" keyboards all together.  Is it just me or 
are they selling less of them anyway?  And does anyone else suffer from 
FKBS (Foreign Keyboard Syndrome)?



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