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Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Thu Jan 12 13:48:21 MST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 13:37 -0700, Josh Coates wrote:
> > For example, replacing a "b" with a "p" in the middle of a 
> > word, or spelling "cat" as "cet".
> in a similar vein, i've found that learning a 3rd foreign language does
> strange things to your brain.
> for example, if know spanish, and you are learning cambodian, and you try to
> recall the word for food then your brain says "um, well it's not FOOD
> because that's english...lemme see, what's the foreign way to say food?
> COMIDA, that's right."
> when you are really trying to find the word MAHOPE.
> i think our brains have these gross categories of things and sometimes it's
> like a first-fit algorithm or something..

One nice side effect of that behavior is that a good way to refresh an
underutilized second language is to try to learn a third. The more I
learn Spanish, the better I remember my Japanese. Not very useful to my
kids, who get very confused, though.


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