[OT] Typos

Josh Coates jcoates at archive.org
Thu Jan 12 13:37:41 MST 2006

> For example, replacing a "b" with a "p" in the middle of a 
> word, or spelling "cat" as "cet".

in a similar vein, i've found that learning a 3rd foreign language does
strange things to your brain.

for example, if know spanish, and you are learning cambodian, and you try to
recall the word for food then your brain says "um, well it's not FOOD
because that's english...lemme see, what's the foreign way to say food?
COMIDA, that's right."

when you are really trying to find the word MAHOPE.

i think our brains have these gross categories of things and sometimes it's
like a first-fit algorithm or something..

we have silly brians.


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>  >tome instead of tomb---
>  >I'd claim a stupid fat-fingered key-- but `e' and `b' are 
> half way across the  >keyboard.
> Typos are an interesting subject. I found myself occasionally 
> making very interesting typos - typing part of the word 
> phonetically as if it had been said with a Russian accent. 
> For example, replacing a "b" with a "p" in the middle of a 
> word, or spelling "cat" as "cet".
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